Nailed It!

From polka dots to stripes and even the odd cupcake, every fashionista is going dotty for nail art – and literally anything goes. In the past few months crazy nails really have taken over and I have seem some absolutely brilliant, yet random designs.

And, it is no wonder so many of us are trying it out for ourselves with wacky and wonderful images all over the press of celebrities such as Rihanna, flaunting their fancy designs in our faces, it’s hard not to get sucked into the nail art hype. Therefore I thought it was about time to have a go myself….

nail artIMG_0614

How To….

After a few attempts, and an unnatural amount of nail polish remover these are the two designs I came up with, which were both relatively easy to do. For both of these I started with a clear base coat as it protects the nail and stops the colour from staining. I then did two coats of the base colour and then, with a fine brush painted the pattern on top once it had dried.

Due to my shaky hand and lack of imagination I cannot see myself starting a career in nail art, but that’s not to say that you can’t as many girls all over the country are doing this to earn themselves a bit of cash.

Nail Art Career

Caroline Long, 21, from Cornwall is just one person who is making a success from this trend. After just 6 months of practise and no formal qualification she now charges £20 per hour.

“It just came with loads of practise, it has only been in the last few months that I have got good enough to take on more clients which has really given me confidence….I now get lots of random calls as my reputation has been spread by word of mouth”

Caroline is lucky enough to have a spare room in her house which she can use for doing client’s nails so she can make a fair bit of money as she doesn’t have to pay rent for a table in a salon.

“It is just something that I enjoy and do on the side to earn myself a bit of cash but I would definitely love to make a career out of it. I’m thinking about training for a formal qualification.” If qualified, nail technicians can earn up to £40 for a set of nails, which on average takes an hour and a half so it is no wonder that lots of young girls are learning the skill.

As nail art has become increasingly popular the unique designs people are asking for are coming in thick and fast: “the most crazy, out there design I have done for someone is Hello Kitty patterned nails which were pretty cool.”

Jenifer Hall, one of Caroline’s clients explained to me why she loves nail art so much: “it is completely limitless, I am always getting random ideas of things that I want to try…the more crazy I have my nails the more other people seem to like them as well, I get a lot of compliments”


My attempts at nail art are not likely to inspire many people but take a look at these stupidly creative ones to get some ideas of how far you can take it, I especially love the My little Pony nails, genius.

nail_art_cillaablack tumblr_mbwesoTC6a1qglx0bo1_500 tumblr_mcxqkf0vQS1r5d26po1_500

 (Source Tumblr)

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