Self Generated Story: Pasty Tax Scraped

It was announced on Monday that chancellor, George Osbourne was dropping the ‘pasty tax.’

The threat of the tax would have meant that pasties and other hot foods such as pies and sausage rolls would face a 20% increase in price. Ever since the local delicacy of Cornwall was put under threat the people have been in outraged and even protested to show their anger, which has now clearly paid off.

 Local resident, Elizabeth Stephens, 46, said that: “It is a really good thing for the town that the tax has been scrapped, people would have lost their jobs and sales would have gone down.”

On Sunday the 29th of April the people of Cornwall took to the streets of Falmouth in the pouring rain all in aid of saving their beloved pasty and voice their outrage. With tax added onto them, a hot pasty would cost an extra 55p described Ann of Ann’s Pasties at the protest speech which was organised by Cornish comedian, The Kernow King. This really would have an impact as it would mean that with the extra expenses sales could go down resulting in people losing their jobs.

Ann went on to describe that, “nursing a small business through the winter in Cornwall, as every baker knows, is not easy.” So the extra tax would have had a large impact on her business and customers.

The news of the tax ‘U-turn’ has been described as ‘fantastic.’ The people of Cornwall and the rest of the U.K can now enjoy their pasties knowing that they are paying a good, honest price for them.

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