Coldplay Live in Coventry

Living in Cornwall you are at a disadvantage when it comes to a lot of things: there is not a good selection of shops, the chances of getting a good job down here are rare and no big bands play here. So when it was announced that Colplay were going on a tour i didn’t batter an eyelid at the thought of having to travel 5 hours to watch one of my favourite bands.

It feels like a lifetime ago that i was up at the crack of dawn in a phone que waiting for tickets with the expectation of them all being sold out so i was chuffed when i managed to get tickets for their gig at the Coventry Ricoh Area for the 29th of May.

After traveling for what felt like forever in my tin can of a car the minute Colplay embraced the stage i knew that it had all been worth it. They were flash and fabulous; starting their performance with a firework display they managed to keep up the race throughout the show. With breathtaking versions of their old classics such as ‘Yellow’ mixed in with the songs from their latest album, Mylo Xyloto, they played a real variation which kept the crowd on their feet.

On arrival  to the venue everyone was given a wristband, all different colours, which would then light up and become part of the show which i can only describe as being truly beautiful.

Overall the trek up to Coventry from Cornwall as definitely worth it and if i could I would do it again tomorrow.

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