Guest Speaker Report: Oliver Poole

Well, from the first ten minutes into his talk at University College Falmouth I can clarify that Oliver Poole has an entirely different lifestyle in comparison to myself. He is from a world where his friends and colleagues get kidnapped and killed and fearing for his life is a natural thing. This may all sound a little 007, but for Poole who is a war correspondent this is his normality.

Poole now works for the Independant and Evening Standard after a previous five years working the same job for the Telegraph which in writing doesn’t sound that exciting but as soon as he starts talking I am engrossed.

“In a terrible phase I actually quite enjoyed Libya…witnessing the uprising and people’s lives changing” is how Poole describes his recent experience, “It was a moving experience seeing everyone again,” he describes how he was reunited with many journalists. The last time that he had seen these people was in Iraq which was a “very depressing” time as a lot of these journalists had been kidnapped and witnessed their colleagues been killed.

What really surprises me about Poole is how calmly he speaks about his friends being murdered. He tells us of a friend of his who was only 25 when they got shot in the head whilst shopping for barbecue food in Iraq. To me this sounds like a surreal and devastating situation but again, for Poole who breezily recalls the story, this is his normality.

I was completely fascinated by Poole’s career story but I now know that 110% that i could never be a war corespondent. He has had to developed a really thick skin which is something that you would really need for this fast-paced and quite frankly petrifying lifestyle- i think i’ll stick with fashion.

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