Guest Speaker Report: FHM Editor, Joe Barnes

For someone who now describes themself as, “an expert on underwear and bikinis” Joe Barnes seems a million miles away from studying at the same university as i am now and aspiring to work in politics.

Barnes is now the editor of the ultimate lads mag, FHM. Very impressive.

Barnes was appointed the editor of the magazine in June 2011 after he managed to doubles the sales whilst editing FRONT magazine.

Although Barnes has managed to climb his way through the magazine hierarchy he is more than slightly pessimistic about the future of the industry. He describes the state of the problems on the dying profession as, “everything in short.” Great. Even someone at the top thinks that it is too hard to save. But he does have hope for the rising online media and thinks that it is the way forward.

“Payment will totally become the norm,” he says at ease. You can tell that he truly believes that the internet although the destroyer of the profession will become the saviour as he describes a realistic sounding idea for a type of iTunes style software where people will be able to pick and choose what articles they want to buy to create their own perfect magazine.

‘Saviour of FRONT mag. On a mission to rescue men’s mags from the clutches of irrelevance,’ Barne’s Twitter tagline pretty much sums up his journey so far though the magazine industry.

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