Best Dressed of 2012

So Glamour magazine unveiled their ‘Best Dressed’ list of 2012 this week, some i agree with, others, not so much. Therefore I am going to create my own best dressed list of this past year….

1) DJ Yasmin tops my list. Although she is a newcomer in the celebrity world her style is immaculate without being too try hard. She is also not afraid to experiment with new trends. Her video Finish Line gives a glimpse at her impeccable good taste….

2) Lana Del Rey- Lana is featuring in my list for her dress she wore to the BRITS, simply amazing. She has also ben the inspiration for many other collections and has even had a Mulberry bag named after her. Surprisingly she didn’t appear in Glamour’s top 50 list.

3)Fearne Cotton- Fearn has always been I style icon of mine. She is effortlessly cool and nearly always gets it right.

4)Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen- if anyone can pull of granny-chick it is these girls. They are not afraid to experiment with their style and high-end catwalk pieces look as if they were made for them.

5) Kim Kardashian- Kim dresses for her body shape, she knows what suits her and knows what works. She also has worn some killer statement dresses this year which is why i have decided to give her number 5 on my list.

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