Topshop Baxter Jeans Review

Recently i was pottering around my local Topshop when i was forced to stop dead in my tracks as i saw that a pair of ‘Berry Red’ ‘Baxter Jeans’ had been reduced down from £40 to £25. Now, everyone who knows me will know that i am a sucker for a bargain. I just cannot resist if i know that i am getting a good deal. This is either looked at as a blessing or a curse. Half of the items i buy thinking that they are bargains end up gathering dust in my wardrobe or falling to pieces after a few wears; luckily these Topshop jeans have turned out to be more of a blessing.

When it comes to clothes the one thing i can’t stand is when they are ill fitted. There is nothing worse than having to be constantly pulling your jeans up all day or worrying they look too small or big for you. Having long legs can also be looked at as a blessing or a curse but when it comes to finding jeans that fit it can become more of a curse. Thankfully Topshop make their jeans in not only a range of waist sizes but also in leg lengths so these jeans really are true to size and unlike a lot of skinny jeans which are so tight that you can barely move your legs these are actually surprisingly comfortable.

The first thing that i thought when i saw these jeans was, ‘OMG, what a bargain!’, my second thought was, ‘I bet they are a killer to wash.’ But surprisingly after a few washes they have managed to keep their colour and look as good as new- I was expecting them to fade into a more pink like colour.

Overall i am really impressed with these jeans and would have happily paid the full price for them, therefore in my eyes they are definitely a good buy.

Topshop Berry Red Jeans

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