Journalism in Cornwall

Journalism and Cornwall. These are not too words that are usually associated together and when i started my journalism degree this year i just presumed that you would have to live in the city to have any kind of job in the industry. But over the past few months with various talks from people working in the media I’m starting to realise that journalism in somewhere rural like Cornwall is a lot more possible that it ever was.

On Monday I met Rebecca Matthews and Brendan Sleeman from ‘Wed’ magazine: a wedding magazine that i am surprisingly familiar with as a nineteen year old student due to my sister planning her wedding for the last year and a half i have seen more wedding magazines than i should ever admit to. I know the importance of flowers, seating arrangements, the lot therefore I’m aware of what an expensive business the wedding industry is and there are always going to be guaranteed consumers. And i defiantly know how fussy a bride can be; i think the term is bridezilla.

‘Wed’ magazine was started in Cornwall by Rebecca and Bredan Sleeman in 2007 and is marketed at both Cornish brides and grooms with a ‘revolutionary design’ ‘Wed’ has been designed and marketed as a ‘alternative wedding magazine.’ Everything about the magazine is Cornish from the models to where it is produced and in design looks just as glossy and fabulous as any of the other wedding magazines, if not better.

‘Wed’ magazine also has an internet page which runs alongside it, they work hand in hand to help promote each other and broaden their audience, especially as many people start-up their subscriptions through the website. But Rebecca reassures that ‘print is not dead, we probably would have died a death if we didn’t set up a magazine’ What surprises me most about this magazine that besides freelancers it is only run by two people- this really does show the determination and effort they put into the magazine.

What this magazine proves that if you have a passion about something such as writing and the skill and knowledge to market it correctly you can produce a successful magazine in a place like Cornwall. Especially with the rise of the internet anything is possible whether you live in London or in the sticks.

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