Mover over Topshop, It’s all about Yayer!

It’s official, Yayer is my new favourite clothing brand.

In recently months i can’t help but think that Topshop has gone down hill. For me coming from a small town it used to be such a treat- it was an Aladdin’s cave full of treasures. These days though my mum is wearing more Topshop than me. I hate to say it but i think the brand has lost its edge. Yayer is everything for me that Topshop used to be, their unique clothing designs are split into two sections; modern and vintage. Two styles that i personally love to mix up together and wear time and time again. Sometimes i like to be bright and bold like the ‘Modern’ section of their website and others more subtle and sophisticated like their ‘Vintage’ section. At the minute Yayer is a bit of a hidden gem, and i like how it is a bit of a secret, i am very careful as to who i recommend it to! -but i’m sure soon enough it’s going to be a brand that is widely recognised and in all fairness it really does deserve to be.

There are so many beautiful garments that i could easily fill a basket in five minutes but i don’t think that my wallet would forgive me if i did. The only let down to the website that the clothes are ofter marked as small, medium or large which does make it hard to judge what size you need which is a problem at the best of times with internet shopping anyway but i’m sure most of their clothes would be worth the risk. It also surprises me that they charge 50p delivery per extra item you buy on top of their standard delivery which could mount up and is quite unusual.

All i can say is bring on payday! I can see my wages disappearing right in front of my eyes on this one website…

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