Blog to do List….

Today I went to a talk held by Sam Lynas about how to use the social media more effectively and it got me thinking about how i personally use the internet.

“Content is King” were the first words i heard him say as i arrived five minutes late after prowling the car park for about 10 minutes in an attempt to find a space on Open Day (not fun). Do i really think about the random status uploads i post or the photos that i add? No i do not. And this is something that could determine whether you get a job over someone else now many companies have taken to snooping through your Facebook profile befire hiring you so they know what you are really like; in my opinion ever so slightly creepy, but at the end of the day if you are posting something publicly you have to be able to accept the criticism. Maybe this is something i really need to think more about: especially now with the ever intrusive ‘timeline’ profile which makes sure that you will never for get those cringey or outrageous things you posted while drunk.

Although i have only had my blog up and running a month in all honesty i do not give an awful amount of thought to what i upload; instead  i just upload whatever is on my mind or pops into my head. Apparently this is not good for the audience. Audience like structure and knowing what to expect. And in all fairness, yes, i probably would get a lot more page views or ‘traffic’ as Lynas described it if my blog did have more of a sense of direction but right now i am experimenting with what i like writing about and hopefully this blog will then take a direction on its own.

I have to admit after hearing him list the benefits of socail media websites such as Twitter i do feel slightly guilty about neglecting my account which has about three tweets and five followers….he made me think about using the platform to benefit myself through self promotion. This is also something that i hadn’t given much thought to. A blog is a bit like an online CV for a budding journalist.

So from this talk my resolution is to shape up my blog and think more about how i can use the internet more usefully (and no more winey Facebook statuses)

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