Confessions of an ex-shopaholic

My new years resolution was to stop buying things beside essentials. This may sound like a simple and easy thing to do but it has been anything but. Knowing that i can’t have something makes me want it more and i seem to be browsing online shops more than ever and exposing myself to the many tempting treats available and knowing that they could be mine with a few simple clicks of a button makes it harder than ever. But in general i have been good- so far so good.

I have been wondering what is it that makes us want to shop and the powerful urge that people (me definitely being one of them) get to own something. Is it the having it part or the sense of satisfaction you get from actually purchasing something? I’m starting to think it could be the later of the two. I can confess that i have clothes that i have never worn, some even still with the tags but at the time i bought them i would of felt like i couldn’t leave that piece on the shelf.

By not spending and trying to be careful with my money this sense of needing to own things has stopped. The other night i created a basket on Topshop online thinking i deserved a little treat for doing so well with my resolution but when i clicked on the checkout screen i felt so much guilt at the thought of breaking my resolution that i closed the screen and walked away. That was it. I didn’t even think about the lovely new clothes that could of been delivered to me and instead i felt proud that i had managed to keep my resolution.

I have come to the conclusion that it is the experience of shopping that often makes us want to buy things and not just the purchases. What i like about fashion is looking at it- a lot of things i look at wouldn’t suit me but in the past i have bought them anyway.I have decided now to only buy something if i really, really want it and think that it is worth it- not just because it is a bargain, in fashion or a shop is offering a good student discount. Lets hope that i can keep this up…

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