Motel S/S12 Collection

It’s that cold time of year again with temperatures in my town threatening 0 degrees yet a lot of shops are releasing their Spring/Summer collections. This does not only make the weather seem even colder than it is but makes me want summer to come around even quicker as I’m sick to death of having to wrap up as an eskimo just for a quick trip into town. I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to leave the house and actually feel warm sunlight on my skin.

I have just been looking at one of my favourite brands, Motel’s spring/ summer collection. It’s out there, quirky and quite simply fabulous. The collection has taken a lot of inspiration from pattern, although some pieces a bit too daring to venture out in, in my small town, they are definitely pieces to make a statement. The ‘galaxy print’ items will no doubt do this- how often do you come across a skirt or dress with the print of the galaxy on it? Theses pieces are going to make heads turn.

Personally I’m not brave enough for these jeans. Maybe in London but Cornwall is defiantly not the place. You are much more likely to catch me in the ‘Elsa’ dress. A simple, classic bodycon in a deep wine colour. Myself i like to keep things simple and i lot of the time i think this can be more effective than wearing something outrageous.

Although there is a lot that i like about this collection there is also a lot that i do not like. There are a lot of dresses with high ‘turtle necks’. For me i can’t think of anything worse- itchy and unflattering. Also I’m not a fan of a lot of the bright colours, and not just because i don’t think they would suit me but a lot of their combination and colour clashes are a just a bit too garish and slightly over the top. Overall i absolutely love about 60% of this collection. The other 40% to put it bluntly is vile. Now I just can’t wait until summer until i can actually start wearing it.

Have a look at the collection for yourself at:

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