Is the Social Media a Blessing or a Curse for the Newspaper Industry?

I have just finished watching the documentary, ‘Page one: Inside the New York Times’. Although on the whole i found this documentary quite dry it did address a lot of issues and questions. It was one of those documentaries that left me thinking that although it did not do this in the most engaging manner. What I found distracting about this documentary was the amount of people who were being filmed; it was all a bit busy and a bit too much to take in within 90 minutes.

One of the issues  that was raised in this documentary was, is the social media a blessing or a curse? The film showed footage of people being cut from their jobs as the way people are getting their news has changed completely. Newspaper sales are declining. I can’t think of many people who I know under the age of 25 who regularly purchase a newspaper and that’s coming from someone on a journalism course. It would therefore look like journalism is a dying industry but with the rise of the social media things are changing. ‘The iPad may be the saving of the industry’ claimed Murdoch which in my eyes does reflect the truth. Although smartphones and iPad’s have ultimately taken the audiences from the traditional newspapers if people are still reading news articles on the internet there is still a market for advertising as long as news companies are willing to change where they publish their stories. As well as a tool of publishing news rooms can use the social media to actually find stories. This was something that you saw ‘The New York Times’ do in the documentary so it’s clearly an affective way of using the social media.

The documentary was dry and talked through by dreary voices so I was surprised to hear that it made 1.1 million in the US box office alone, but at the end of the day it did illustrate some interesting points; especially about the impact of the social media. In my opinion there is always going to be a need for the news, even if people have changed the way that they choose to digest it.

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