Save the Internet

I think today that it’s well worth a mention the campaigns that have been happening all over the web recently.Wikipedia is the main website that has ‘gone black’ in campaign against SOPA & PIPA – America organisations who are trying to control piracy through monitoring the internet. They turned their home screen black and in effect shut down for a day to show the implications come from the higher regulation of the internet.  I can obviously understand that music artists who work hard at something don’t want to give their music away for free and recognise that music piracy especially is a real problem. If PIPA (the Protect IP act) comes into place it will allow governments to take legal action against things that are published online. SOPA is the ‘Stop piracy Act’ so the explanation of that is in its name. I can’t help but think though that once a line has been drawn on something like this there will always be the temptation to move that line. This could go from the monitoring of illegal downloads to what we are or not allowed to publish on the internet. Freedom of speech is a vital aspect of democracy. The internet is a unbeliavbly massive source of freedom of speech. Things that are too biased or opinionated to be printed in newspapers can appear on blogs and nobody would batter an eyelid. Therefore this makes me against the American Government changing the way the internet works. With regulations we wouldn’t get a variety and only be hearing things from official sources and as we all know variety is the spice of life.


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