Never Let Me Go (2010)

A day sitting around waiting for my new laptop to be delivered (which never arrived) gave me the perfect opportunity watch ‘Never Let Me Go’ (directed by Mark Romanek), a film that i have wanted to see for ages but never got round to it. The film is an adaption of  Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel which i haven’t read so i didn’t have any idea of the plot before watching the film.The films short description and trailer i thought that this film was going to be your typical love story, instead i was surprised to find it is actually a science fiction film. The aspect of the film that makes it science fiction runs seamlessly with a realistic story line and script. The film starts at the end and the rest of the film is the memories of three childhood friends played by Keira Knightley, Carrie Mulligan and Andrew Garfield, who went to boarding school together. Through these memories you discover that they are not just at a boarding school, they are at school to be trained to be donors or their real life doubles. A this point as well as being shocked at the story line i was just as shocked at how this science fictional idea had been blended into a seemingly normal film. The characters accept their fate that they have been born to die. They will live until they are ‘ready’ to be used as organ donors which turns out to be somewhere in their mid-to- late twenties. The film almost had me in tears at many parts; one scene that particularly stood out was when the characters of Mulligan and Garfield who are lovers fully understand their fate and that they are going to loose one another.What i liked most about this film is the mixture of emotions i felt when i watched it. The majority of the film was very tender whilst certrain scenes seemed terrifying; terrifying because the ideas they were showing came across as being so realistic. Although this film should have left me feeling depressed when Mulligan is left with no partner and just a month left to live it made me feel bittersweet. It left me thinking about the world that we actually live in and how compared to this film how easy we have it; but at the end of the day it is only fiction.


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