Public Enemies

I’ve just finished watching the 3 part series, Public Enemies that was broadcast on the BBC last week.

To say the least i was very impressed.

This is coming from someone who watches a lot, maybe even too much crime drama. The series was about the reality of the lives of people who are released from prison and and how they cope in the real world. In this case, Eddie Mottram, who was released after a ten year sentence for killing his girlfriend at the age of 17.

Paula, who is played by the actor of the minute, Anna Friel, is Eddie’s probation worker and has just gone back to work after her last case ended up killing again. The relationship between these two characters is a strained one. Paula finds it hard to trust Eddie after her disastrous last case therefore in the first episode you get the impression that Eddie is going to be treated on a disadvantage on her behalf.

The first twist in this mini-series came at the end of episode one when Mottram tells Paula that he is innocent and just pleaded guilty to make his time in prison easier. My first thoughts to this were that he was just saying this to make his freedom easier.

At this point i thought the direction of the storyline would focus on Eddie trying to convince his probation worker of his innocence.  Surprisingly, and to put it bluntly, unrealisticly, she believes him fairly easily.

Normally in programmes like this i have a vague idea of what is going to happen. This programme was an exception.

While Paula and Eddie are trying to find a solicitor to help prove his innocence the farther of the girlfriend who Eddie supposedly killed confesses to her murder. The twist comes out of nowhere and at that the programme ends.

This left me thinking, had i missed any clues, and left me wanting more.

Public Enemies is defiantly a  series that i would reccomend and defiantly something that i will watch again to pick up on the things that I missed the first time around.

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